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Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
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Wheels - 3X Bench and Pedestal


3X Bench and Pedestal Wheels

Bring back your high speed dry grinders! The fastest cutting wheels on the market are also the coolest. A constant supply of sharp cutting points with Norton’s patented SG grain gives the Premium Norton 3X blue wheels an incredible burn free cut with controlled micro grain fracturing. Great for bench and pedestal operations, especially hollow grinding of plane blades and chisels.




Multi-Point Diamond Dresser

Norton multi-point diamond dresser is designed specifically for dressing 3X wheels. It removes all glazing on the surface of the wheel, brings the wheel back to a straight face and supplies fresh, sharp abrasive grains on the surface of the wheel. 3X wheels do not need to be dressed as frequently as aluminum oxide wheels, but will need to be done when burning is noticed. Designed with full size handle for easy offhand use.

  • Patented Norton SG grain provides fast cut, minimal burn and long wheel life.
  • Comes with nest bush to fit all bench grinders
  • Available in 46 - 100 grit to meet all finish needs