Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Do-It-Yourself/Contractor Markets - North America
Diamond Wheels and Blades

Norton diamond blades are the choice of professionals versus abrasive blades for faster cut rate, constant depth of cut, and less downtime. Choose Charger (formerly 300X) for maximum productivity, longest blade life, and lowest total cost. Choose Norton Classic (formerly 100X) for high productivity, life, and value. Norton also manufactures a line of specialty diamond blades for asphalt, tuck pointing, fiber cement, steel rescue, and ductile iron pipe.


  • Choose segmented diamond blades for aggressive cutting on most any material
  • Turbo diamond blades are for agressive cutting action with a smoother quality cut
  • Continuous diamond blades provides the smoothest of all cuts


Please see our detailed Diamond Blade Selection Guide for additional information on how to choose your next blade.

Diamond Wheels and Blades

Norton offers two lines of diamond blades: the premium performance Charger line, and the general purpose Norton Classic line.

Diamond Specialty Blades

Specialty diamond blades include DUO, Aero-Jet, Ductile Runner, and blades for steel rescue, fiber cement, ashpalt, and tuck pointing.

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