Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Do-It-Yourself/Contractor Markets - North America
Discs and Specialties
Norton has a variety of abrasive disc products to fit your power tool and your sanding project; fibre, cloth, paper, non-woven, flap, and 3X premium high performance. Choose from packaged products for the Do-It-Yourself market or bulk packs for Contractors.

Norton ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Discs

The revolutionary Norton ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic hook and loop vacuum discs raise the bar in power sanding with a precision laser-cut, spiral-hole design that provides maximum dust extraction for a cleaner work environment with fewer disc changes and greater productivity.

Norton DrillSand Paper Discs

Affix the Norton Drill Sand disc to a drill-mount back-up pad by bolting through the center hole and tightening. Now you can use any regular cordless or electric hand drill.

Norton Hook & Sand Paper Discs

The rugged scrim backing of embedded loops on Norton Hook & Sand discs fasten to the embedded hooks on the sander face for quick and easy disc changes.

Norton Stick & Sand Paper Discs

The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing of Norton Stick & Sand discs sticks tight and holds securely to the back-up pad of the tool. Peel off the protective backing, stick it on, and sand.

Ergonomic Hand Sander Disc Kit

The unique design of this Norton Ergonomic Hand Sander quickly converts a 5" Norton Hook & Sand disc or any 5" hook & loop disc into a hand sanding tool. Kit comes with hand sander and disc.

Norton Cloth Discs

Available in Handy Pack and bulk, Norton cloth discs feature a heavy cotton backing, making them ideal for more rugged sanding applications than paper discs.

Norton Flap Discs

Save time with Norton Flap Discs. You can grind and finish with the same disc - no need to switch from a depressed center wheel to a fibre disc.

Norton Fibre Discs

Heavy-duty fibre discs are ideal for paint stripping, light deburring and finishing, weld grinding and blending, and heavy metal removal.

Air-Cooled Rubber Back-up Pads for Fibre Discs

Designed for use with Norton Fibre Discs for medium to heavy grinding applications. Slotted aluminum hub design draws cool air behind the disc. Curved ribs on the rubber face force heat away from the disc and back-up pad.

Discs - RapidStrip

Available in both non-woven or wire, Norton RapidStrip Discs are ideal for removing paint, rust, light edge burrs, parting lines, or flashing.

Norton Locking Discs

Norton locking discs use a tool-free, twist-on and -off fastening system to make fast work of discs changes. Available in fibre and non-woven.

Norton Surface Finishing Discs

Choose Norton surface finishing discs for applications from removing surface defects to heavy deburring of aluminum and steel. Hook and loop backing for quick disc changes.


Choose Norton Spirabands for sanding and shaping small contours and finishing and blending shapes.

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