Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Do-It-Yourself/Contractor Markets - North America
Norton belts provide high speed sanding and finishing of flat surfaces on wood, plastic, and glass. From narrow belts for your portable belt sander to wider belts for your benchstand belt sander, Norton has you covered.

Belts - Red Heat Ceramic Alumina

Boasting the industry's fastest cut-rate, Red Heat ceramic alumina belts are well suited for stripping or finishing of hard and exotic woods as well as various metals and composite materials.

Belts - ProSand Zirconia Alumina

Cutting-edge technology makes these zirconia alumina belts ideal for high-speed sanding and finishing on flat surfaces of wood, plastic and fiberglass, grinding and finishing of all metals, blending welds, and abrasive planing of wood.

Belts - Aluminum Oxide Portable

Ideal for high-speed sanding on flat surfaces of wood, plastic, and fiberglass. Abrasive belts for portable belt sanders come in a variety of sizes.

Belts - Aluminum Oxide Benchstand

Some combined belt/disc models offer a tilting work surfaceand miter gauge groove. Perfect for deburring, grinding, tool sharpening, polishing, and sanding of hand-held work.

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