Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
Do-It-Yourself/Contractor Markets - North America
Merchandising Solutions from Norton

Create business value with our merchanding solutions for abrasive retailers including header cards, racks for pegboard or slotwalls, and off shelf displays allowing you to showcase key “best sets” and provide a blueprint of the best selling products for each abrasive category in easy-to-shop layouts to help you visualize and tailor Norton products according to consumer preference.  By understanding what your shoppers want, and providing the convenience they demand, you can set yourself apart, while building customer trust and loyalty.

Off Shelf Displays

Off shelf displays specifically designed for Norton abrasive sanding sponges.

Racks for Blades and Wheels

Norton offers several types of racks for displaying grinding wheels and blades.

Racks for Abrasive Sheets

Racks for abrasive sheet sleeves, handy packs or bulk packs. Color-coded Sanding Center chart available to help choose the right sanding sheet for your application.

Best Sets

Norton Best Sets provide an easy-to-shop layout to help you visualize and set up Norton products in your aisle.