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Norton Abrasives Products and Accessories
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Discs - RapidStrip


Norton RapidStrip Discs are a highly portable, versatile tool most commonly used with sanding disc pads on bare wood, metal, and fiberglass. They are also used with rotary action stripping tools like RapidStrip wheels and brushes to remove paint, rust, and corrosion.

A good choice for metal and masonry applications. You can grind angles to prepare for welding, grind and finish welds, clean slag from flame cutting or for quick cut-off applications.

Non-Woven RapidStrip Discs

  • Unique, semi-flexible open web design
  • Resists loading
  • Conforms to edges, contours and uneven surfaces without gouging
  • Runs quietly and safely
  • Use face and edge
  • Extra coarse abrasive uniformly distributed and bonded throughout the wheel
  • Aggressive, free-cutting action for removing paint, rust, and coatings without smearing
  • Use to remove light edge burrs, parting lines, or flashing


Wire RapidStrip Wheels

  • Reversible hex-mandrel shaft eliminates slippage and provides easy reversal of the unit
  • Low heat and pressure operation - prevents distortion to the workpiece
  • High speed chiseling action strips and cleans substrate in one step
  • Secured metal strands in a patented, flexible, self-sharpening brush system means no wire splinters and no tearing of edges